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Car Dashboard Treatment

Has Your Car Dashboard and Interior trim accumulated with a large amount of dust, dirt, smudges, bacteria, fungi, etc,?

Are you concerned about the unpleasant foul and odor smell inside your car cabin and bacterial, fungi growth?

Then, We provide your Car Dashboard Treatment very well to remove the unwanted smell from your car cabin. We also clean with few chemical agents that are degradable and make your car a new one and with fresh and nice cabin air to inhale. The services that we delivered to your car dashboard cleaning are at reasonable and cost-effective price rates.

What Do We Choose For Your Car Dashboard Cleaning?

Here are given several interior wipers and protectants that keep the sunlight away from your eyes while driving: We deliver to keep your dashboard clean and fresh all the time.

  • 304 DashWipes that provide protection from Ultra-Violet radiation and act as a repellant.
  • Gyeon Q2M Vinyl Cleaner to clean all the dust from the dashboard and bears anti-static properties fo dirt, stains, smudges.
  • Car Dashboard Treatment contains a brush kit provided by us that contains various brushes size to clean the dashboard. We try to clean your dashboard by making your car free from bacteria and fungus growth inside the cabin.
  • We also provide Car Wash Services at fair and low cost for our valuable and trusted customers’ especially.

So, you can trust us very well for Dashboard Cleaning and Cabin Care and can call us anytime in 24/7 hours for your Car Wash.

Car Dashboard Treatment By Bio-Agents

Three Types of Best Chemical agents used for Dashboard treatment by us are:

1. Car Plan Demon Cleaning Agent for Car Dashboard Treatment

  • It is a yellow color with the citrus smell able to remove all stains, marks, and dust from your Car Dashboard. We are using a bio-degradable agent because of its toughness to remove stains from the interior trim and car dashboard.
  • It is particularly used to clean light-colored interior Car Dashboard Treatment. We also have an anti-static property to keep away dust and marks from the dashboard.
  • We always recommend your car dashboard for cleaning stains and dirt easily and efficiently. We are using VIP Treatment for your car dashboard cleaning. It is available in a fair and low-cost price for our customers’ usually.

2. Armor All Multi-Purpose Cleaner

  • We are also using a cleaning agent to remove the remaining marks and scratches available in your car dashboard. It is easier to use for anywhere in car cleaning except in the leather treatment of the Car.
  • Car Dashboard Treatment is made simple by the use of Armor Multi-purpose Cleaner to remove dust and cleaning from the interior trim of your car.
  • Spraying it carefully on the stains marks, grease and tar marks, carpets dust and dashboard scratches to remove them easily in Car Cleaning. However, We are providing VIP Car Cleaning Services at different packages as per service-wise at fair and low prices.

3.Dodo Juice Total Wipe Out Car Dashboard Treatment

  • This spray is colorless and can be sprayed anywhere on Car Dashboard Treatment. It never put stain marks and scratches on the plastics and interior trim of your cars.
  • For extra complicated Car Parts cleaning, this Dodo Juice cleaner is used. It provides clutter-free work for your car dashboard easily and quickly.
  • We provide reliable, quick and non-expensive Car Cleaning at fair price rates. For Premium Packages, different price rates are also available to clean up your car.