Why Your Car AC Smells Bad & What To Do About It?

When considering a vehicle's air conditioning system, the first thing to consider is keeping you and your vehicle cool in the hot summer. However, when it is necessary to turn on the air conditioning system, cleaning and maintaining the air conditioning system throughout the year is good for your health for many reasons.

Bacteria, germs, and molds need critical conditions to thrive and grow, such as a warm environment prone to humidity. Therefore, it is not surprising that the car's air conditioning system often becomes the first target.

Common health problems caused by bacteria in-car air conditioners

  • Headache and lethargy
    If you have a headache in the car, it may be due to a lack of clean air. Breathing dirty, stale air can also cause fatigue, drowsiness, and even increased blood pressure.

  • Stuffy nose or cold
    If you notice that your nose easily plugs, dries out, or closes tightly while driving, it means that your air conditioner cannot circulate clean air. These Bacteria can land you in facing cold-like symptoms.

  • Allergic reactions
    People can quickly get allergic in such scenarios. Sneezing and coughing are also common health factors caused by mold in air conditioners. People who are highly allergic to mold may find it difficult to breathe.

  • Bacterial infection
    Bacteria can cause different types of infections. The infection's severity depends on how strong a person's immune system is. What does an antibacterial treatment do?

A good quality car aircon treatment of your air conditioning system is not only beneficial for a person with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory problems, but it also helps keep your air conditioning system running smoothly and efficiently. That is why providing maintenance services for your air conditioning system throughout the year, especially in winter, not only benefits your health but also ensures that there are no harmful bacteria inside your vehicle.

If only the pollen filter is replaced during maintenance, dirt, particles, and microorganisms will remain in the system. At Gold Coast, our team of experts can perform a deep antibacterial cleaning of your vehicle's pollen filter box, an evaporator wash, and an antibacterial cleaning of your vehicle's air ducts.

What are the immediate benefits?

  • Eliminates mold and fungi that can affect your health and comfort while driving
  • Improves air quality
  • Deodorizes the interior of the vehicle
  • Removes the accumulation of bacterial colonies
  • Includes an entire inspection of the whole air conditioning system.
  • It gives you and your family peace of mind and allows you to travel in a cleaner and healthier environment.

Do you need to thoroughly clean the air conditioner of your car? Gold Coast experts are always on call to ensure that your vehicle does not have a health and safety risk for you and your family members. Bacteria of up to 800 different species can be found in an ordinary vehicle's air conditioning system and on its surfaces. Choose our aircon treatment and experience the benefits.